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Posted on March 20, 2012 by Dennis Batchelor There have been 2 comment(s)

In a recent New York Times article Lisa Foderaro reported that a new species of leopard frog, whose entire known range is roughly within commuting distance of Midtown Manhattan. Some found this very surprising, considering the current challenges of commuting into New York City.

Jeremy A. Feinberg discovered this frog, he is a doctoral candidate in ecology and evolution at Rutgers University. Feinberg heard something strange as he listened for the distinctive mating call of the southern leopard frog, and hearing a single cluck, as opposed to a repetitive cluck, identified this new speicies. So far, Mr. Feinberg has positively identified the new species. He identified them on Staten Island, although he says it probably once inhabited Manhattan and the other boroughs. He has found specimens in the Meadowlands and the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey, and Putnam and Orange Counties in New York.

Rumor has it, however, that at least one of these leopard frogs spotted an ad for Rebit and was immediately taken by the very attractive Rebit Frog Logo. It then purportedly stowed away on a JFK based flight for Denver, eventually arriving in Longmont Colorado. Longmont just happens to be the headquarters of Rebit, provider of ridiculously simple backup software, and new hybrid backup solutions (integrated local and cloud backup).

Local residents hope this migration will result in the proliferation of a new, backup savvy, leopard frog species in Colorado. Click here for more information on Rebit's ridiculously simple solutions.

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2 Responses to New Leopard Frog Species, New York Commuters, and Continuous Backup

  • why does the Rebit screen show a "button" for browse-the-backup and then note that this facility does not exist? Anybody know.


    Posted on May 30, 2012 at 1:12 am

  • admin says:

    Hi NH- the "Browse" button should cause a window to appear that permits browsing the data in the backup. If an error message appears, something probably did not install correctly. Will you contact our support team for help?

    Posted on May 30, 2012 at 2:16 am