File Sync, Share, Backup Solution

rebit Mobius

Sync. Share. Backup.

A fully integrated sync, share and cloud backup service designed for businesses and service providers.

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Mobius is offered two ways...

Rebit Hosted Service

We host the service, you control your data. Plug in your cloud storage account, invite users and get started. The first 10 users are offered at no charge. Additional users are $4/user.

Host Your Own Service

Ideal for managed service providers and cloud service providers, this option enables you to host your own branded sync and share service. Mobius can be deployed on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid.


Ad Hoc file sharing

Rebit Mobius improves on the folder centric sync and share metaphor by allowing users to simply right click and share at the file level, thereby eliminating the need to adopt the conventions of the application. Rebit Mobius does not require the creation of a common space to collaborate with team members by dynamically creating folders and collaboration circles.

Bring your own cloud

An important Mobius breakthrough is Bring Your Own Cloud! BYOC provides the ability to deploy a fully branded sync and share solution using the cloud storage of their choice. With a simple configuration option, service providers can determine whether to host their customer’s data in a public cloud such as Amazon S3 or behind the firewall.


Rebit Mobius leverages an encryption key management scheme called PrivatizedCloud™. By double encrypting data at both the user level and the storage provider level, Rebit Mobius makes public cloud storage as secure as a private cloud.

Flexible deployment

Rebit Mobius provides the flexible deployment options service providers need to meet the demands of their customers. The platform-based service can be deployed as a cloud service, on-premises or in a hybrid configuration. Available if you host your own service.

Brandable Platform

The Rebit Mobius platform enables service providers to deliver a fully branded service. Branding can be done across all individual components of the product including: the end user client, mobile client, the management console and the web access site. Available if you host your own service.

Centralized Management Console

The Mobius service is set up and managed through a centralized management console. This web based console enables administrators to easily manage and provision groups and users. With the option to use AD/LDAP, Rebit Mobius can be set up quickly and efficiently with the necessary level of security and controls.


Rebit Mobius supports multi-tenancy, providing the ability to run and manage multiple brands from a single deployment.

Client Support

Client support currently includes Windows, Android and iOS. A Mac client will be introduced in early 2014.