Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rebit?

Rebit, Inc. is the creator of Rebit backup software for Windows computers. Rebit products redefine backup software with a focus on ease of use, while providing a comprehensive, cost effective solution that protects the entire operating system for home and small business users.

Will Rebit make my computer run slower?

After the initial full backup occurs, no apparent difference in speed or function of your PC will be noticed.

What will Rebit back up on my PC?

Rebit will back up everything contained on the internal system disk drive, including the operating system. Note: By default, Rebit will back up internal drives. Use the "Drives to Back Up" feature in Settings to include external drives.

Is Rebit5 still available?

Rebit recently launched a new, upgraded version of our award-winning Rebit5 product. Rebit6 is now available for purchase on our website or from an authorized channel partner. It includes enhancements to the user interface, more granular controls for backups and support for Windows 8.

I forgot my Rebit password. How do I change or reset it?

Rebit6, RebitPlus and RebitPro use your email address and a password to protect the security of your data. If needed, visit the Manage Your Online Backup page to change your password, reset your password, or change the email address associated with the online backup account.

I need extra storage for my PC. Can I use my external USB drive for both my Rebit backup and to store items like movies?

Yes. All Rebit products include SmartSave technology to dynamically adapt the storage budget used for backup.

Can Rebit back up my Windows Server computer?

Yes, RebitPro is compatible with Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, and Small Business Server. Rebit6, RebitPlus and RebitPro are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

How do I restore a file or folder?

Open the Rebit6, RebitPlus or RebitPro dashboard by double-clicking the Rebit icon in the lower right tray, click "Browse Backup" to display folders that mirror those on the computer, and then copy a file or folder to your Desktop.

If I have to replace my hard drive and restore the computer, which files are restored?

All of your files are restored using the Rebit Recovery CD-ROM. Start the computer from the Recovery CD-ROM, select a Recovery Point, which is a complete collection of information taken daily, and the hard drive and system is restored to its previous condition. This includes settings, activations and configurations.

What is Full System Recovery?

Full System Recovery is the ability to recover your entire computer including operating system, applications, files and settings in the event of a hard drive failure or malware infection. Read more...

Can I use two Rebit backup storage drives to back up one computer and rotate the drives offsite?

Yes, with Rebit6, RebitPlus and RebitPro, the ability to back up a computer to more than one device is easy. In addition, Rebit products are capable of backing up to any combination of USB hard drive and network storage locations. RebitPlus and RebitPro also enable online backup, for offsite data protection. From the dashboard, click “Add Destination” to assign an additional backup destination.

How can I determine what size external USB hard disk drive I need?

The short answer is use a device larger than the total of the disk drives to be backed up. For example, if the computer has a 200 GB system disk drive, we recommend using a backup drive of 320 GB or larger.

How can I determine the size of the disks in my computer?

Follow these simple steps: 1. Click on the "Start" button in the lower left corner of your desktop. 2. Select "My Computer" from the menu (on Windows 7 or Vista, select "Computer"). 3. In the window that appears, use the "View" menu item to select "Details". 4. For each item in the "Hard Disk Drives" group, note the "Total Size". 5. The sum total of the individual items is the total size of the system disks.

Does Rebit protect my PC from viruses?

Rebit backup products are a great compliment to antivirus protection. A reputable antivirus software package will scan your PC files for any viruses and minimize the risk of security issues or data loss. If a malware infection does occur, Rebit backup products allow you to recover files prior to the infection, and, if necessary, recover your entire PC to an earlier point-in-time.

Will Rebit back up my database files and other open files?

Yes, Rebit6, RebitPlus and RebitPro rely on Windows Volume Shadow Service to create reliable backups of database files and other open files like Outlook.pst files.

Will Rebit back up my encrypted files?

Rebit backs up all files during the initial backup process, but relies on Windows to determine whether a file has changed. If the encryption software bypasses Windows, subsequent changes may go unnoticed. Individual files encrypted with Windows will be backed up and may be restored. If using Windows BitLocker encryption, you can use Rebit to backup and restore your files, but Rebit cannot perform a full system restore since the backup drive is encrypted.

Will Rebit back up my RAIDed disk drives?

Yes, however the full-system recovery process will likely not recognize the RAID controller properly for Full System Recovery. Recovery back to a single, non-RAID device is then possible but not guaranteed.

Does Rebit support eSATA drives and internal disk drives as backup devices?

Yes. Any references in our documentation to external USB drives are equally comparable to eSATA and internal disk drives for backup storage devices. It is important to note that you should use the Windows feature to safely disconnect an external hard drive prior to physically disconnecting a device.

Does Rebit support FAT32 filesystems?

Partially. The system volume (usually the C: drive) needs to be NTFS formatted. If the system volume is formatted FAT32, which is rare, a "convert" utility is available in the Windows operating system installation. Learn more…

For volumes other than the system volume (e.g. the D: drive), Rebit backup software will copy the information once during the initial backup process. Changes made to files on a FAT32 file system are not tracked, and only the original backup is available during restore.

If I take my computer on a trip and disconnect from my backup device or network, will backups resume normally when I get back?

Yes. Rebit products intelligently back up only those items that have changed. In addition, Rebit backup software will automatically detect the presence of the network and the availability of the network location, if configured, making backup even easier than ever.

Can I use Rebit for iPod or iPhone backup?

Rebit backup software is unable to back up an iPod or iPhone directly. However, Rebit does back up your whole iTunes directory. Therefore, your iPod or iPhone backup data files and your iTunes music that is synchronized with your iPod or iPhone could be recovered from Rebit back to your computer in the event of loss.

What if I have a hard disk crash?

If you have a hard disk crash, replace the damaged disk drive with a new disk drive. Once the new disk drive is installed into your PC, connect the Rebit backup device and insert the Rebit Recovery CD-ROM into your CD disk drive. Turn your PC on and ensure the computer starts from the CD-ROM. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to select the point in time to which you want to restore, and Rebit will restore your entire PC disk to exactly like it was at that time.

To recover your PC hard disk drive for any reason other than a damaged hard disk drive, such as a virus attack or a corrupt file system table, follow the same simple steps but without replacing the PC hard disk.

If my computer is destroyed can I restore to a new computer?

In the event of a destroyed or lost/stolen computer, you can recover your entire backup from Rebit to a replacement computer of the exact same make and model. It is important to note that all of the operating system files that are backed up are those used by your previous computer. If the replacement is not the exact same make and model as your previous computer, the recovered system files may not allow the new computer to run properly and may not comply with the licensing agreements for your operating system.

Can I use Rebit to move files from one computer to another?

Yes, you can recover backed up files from one computer to another computer. Rebit is designed for continuous, transparent backup and recovery of files or an entire computer. Rebit also provides for portability of backed up data if you want to recover files to a different PC.

If files are backed up online, they can be accessed at

If you want to restore files from an external USB drive, connect the drive to the other computer, go to and download and install the Backup Browser. This will enable you to copy files from the Rebit backup drive.

Are any files excluded from backup?

For a Full System Backup, there is a small set of files excluded from backup. These files are meaningless for full system restore, and include the "pagefile.sys" and "hiberfil.sys" system files.

If you have selected folders to back up to an online, local or network location, there are additional files excluded from backup. These include .exe, .iso, .vmdk, and other files that are not typically backed up or are large and change often.

Does Rebit use image backup like other products?

Yes, but in a proprietary and patented manner. Rebit combines image backup with file backup, collecting system critical information once per day. This collection of system critical information, known as Recovery Points, are images utilized during a full-system restore.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes. Rebit offers a free 30-day free trial.

I am interested in partnering with Rebit to provide a branded backup solution for my customers. Is this available?

Yes. Rebit has several strategic partnerships and offers an OEM platform that can be branded and customized to meet the needs of your customers. Contact us for more details.